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Cooking Oil Management


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At Bomac we’ve pioneered a modular oil management system ‘OilSentry’ that empowers commercial food outlets to take control of their cooking oil usage, elevate food quality and minimise the need for manual handling.  Our mission is clear: to increase efficiency, enhance quality, and maintain a clean and safe kitchen environment for your team.

Our innovative system incorporates a comprehensive telemetry platform, which provides real-time insights into you oil management.  This cutting-edge technology simplifies your kitchen operations, making them easy to manage, reliable and user-friendly.

With Bomac OilSentry, you can say goodbye to the traditional hassles of manual oil handling and embrace a more sustainable, efficient, and profitable approach.  Your kitchen will benefit from precise oil monitoring, timely alerts, and a commitment to maintaining the highest food quality standards.

Join us on a journey to streamline your kitchen operations, reduce costs, and enhance food quality.  Bomac OilSentry- where innovation meets culinary excellence.

All of our products in the OilSentry range have been designed and manufactured by Bomac at our Knowsley facility in the U.K.

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