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Metal Tubular Elements

BOMAC offer a comprehensive range of Metal Tubular sheathed elements for air heating, immersion and contact applications.

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Straight lengths up to 5m can be supplied as well as formed elements to match specific requirements, typically in diameter 6.2mm, 8.0mm and 10.0mm.

Sheath materials, in order of temperature capability are: stainless steel in grades 304, 321, 310S, and Incoloy 800.

Numerous connection types and fittings attached to the cold pin are available, in addition to mounting brackets.

Spiral wound finned elements are available in both 8.0mm & 10.0mm sheath diameters, giving an overall finned diameter of 21mm and 26mm respectively. These offer a more robust alternative to open coil/ribbon heating elements for both convection and forced air heating applications.

They are particularly useful in applications where access to live parts is a problem and a fully electrically insulated element is required.

Typical Applications:

  • Domestic and commercial oven grill elements
  • Clothes dryer heaters
  • Heavy duty immersion heaters
  • Appliance spares – cooking rings, grills etc
  • Commercial and industrial space heating
  • Industrial furnaces
  • Load banks

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