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High Speed Cooker Grill (Solar Grill)
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BOMAC produce a unique high speed grill system for cookers utilising ‘NEOCERAM’ glass-ceramic tubes which:

  • Efficiently transmit infra-red radiation from the heating coils.
  • Protect and support the heating coils.
  • Are resistant to attack from food/liquid splashes.

This well proven technology has been extensively used in both consumer and commercial ovens and microwaves.

The heating elements will withstand arduous life testing even under salt spray conditions.

Electrical loadings and element sizes can be made to suit individual manufacturers requirements.

Two independent heat sections can be made either left and right or inner and outer.

Key benefits of the Solar Grill are:

  • Faster and more uniform cooking than conventional grill elements
  • Heats up in just 15 secs- 20% more efficient vs. standard grill.
  • High radiation temperature at the correct wave length = even grilling.
  • Independent heat sections = energy efficient- only heat up space required.




Customer reviews:

We have taken just a small sample of comments from end customer reviews:

“Solar grill – works very well, especially the half grill setting”

“Solar grill means the grill heats up quickly and you can have either 1/2 or full grill on, which means you don’t have to heat the full grill for small or individual items.”

“Speedy grill”

“Very pleased with the grill, it heats up really quick”

“The grill is awesome”

“Grill heats up really quickly by the time you have your food arranged on the grill pan its ready to go”

“solar grilling element which heats up quickly compared to the conventional element type”

“excellent fast grill”

“Grill heats up almost instantly”

“grill is fantastic”

“I bought it as it was the only oven I could find with a grill that heats up quickly. A great feature as I use the grill a lot “

“Picked this double oven for the solar grill as our last one was fantastic”




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