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Quartz Tube Heating Elements

BOMAC offers a large range of purpose designed glass tube radiant heating elements.

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The tubes are manufactured from quartz glass (fused silica), clear quartz glass or ceramic glass, which protect and support the heating coils. Both quartz and glass ceramic provide efficient transmission of infra-red radiation, whilst glass ceramic also provides good resistance to chemical and food contamination.

Heating coils are wound in various grades of iron-chrome-aluminium alloys to match the applications and operating conditions, and typically generate radiant emission in the short to medium wavelength range. Bomac also offer sealed quartz tube tungsten filament halogen heaters, for short wave, high energy applications.

Heaters may also be supplied with reflective coatings to part of the surface of the tube to provide directional output.

Bomac will provide end-caps, terminations or flying leads to meet customers’ requirements, or additionally, build entire assemblies including housings and reflectors etc.

Typical Applications:

  • Radiant space heaters
  • Industrial process heaters (eg thermoforming, paint curing)
  • Domestic and commercial oven grills
  • Microwave oven browning grills
  • Commercial toasters and salamanders

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