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Infra-Tec Radiant heaters

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BOMAC provide radiant heating systems for a number of glass ceramic
applications including professional and domestic cooking appliances, domestic
heating and process heating.
Infra-tec heaters are designed to incorporate the best in current microporous
thermal insulation materials technology and element resistance alloy grades are
selected according to design requirement, supplied by proven sources.
All cook-on-glass and warming heaters are available with residual heat warning
lamp thermostats. We fit thermal limiters with residual heat lamp contacts as
standard on cooktop heaters.

Integration of wiring harnesses, switches and controls to reduce assembly costs
is offered and Bomac hold a large range of cables and connectors with the
associated application tooling in addition to a comprehensive range of switch,
thermostat and controls approved suppliers.

Typical Applications:

  • Commercial catering cooktops
  • Domestic hobs and range ovens
  • Combined cooking and warming zones
  • Cook-on-glass grills, table-top and integrated, domestic and commercial
  • High performance grilling, broiling and salamander appliances
  • High performance, energy efficient panel heaters

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