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BOMAC was founded in 1976, and has become one of the UK’s leading companies specializing in the design and manufacture of heating elements and heating products.

BOMAC supplies products to markets worldwide, including some of the major global appliance manufacturers.

Whilst we are capable of meeting price, quality and volume demands of larger organizations through our Far Eastern manufacturing partnership, we are small enough to offer flexibility and a quick response to customer’s new product requirements.

BOMAC also adds value by supporting applications with design, development and test resources.  Our combination of skills and tools, including 2D & 3D CAD design capability, type approvals experience and test house contacts, performance and life test capabilities, support customers with integration of heating systems into the finished product.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company meeting or exceeding the highest industry standards, ensuring that our products are safe, reliable and durable.



BOMAC offers a wide range of electrical heating elements for applications in domestic appliances.

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BOMAC can offer a wide range of heating elements to suit commercial catering kitchen appliances.

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BOMAC offers a wide range of air heating elements to cater for the commercial heating industry.

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BOMAC have developed a system to test critical data centre environments that aims to replicate the heat load of a server in both air flow and power.

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BOMAC provides various cost effective and highly efficient solutions to the problem of discharging bulk transported liquids that, at room temperature become highly viscous, semi-solid or even solid.

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BOMAC have developed a set of automated oil systems that enable commercial food outlets to safely store, transport and remove waste oils from their premises.

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Testing our newly designed high speed grill with one of our customers yesterday. The steak tasted great!


BOMAC Heating Innovations- Testing progressing on our high speed super efficient radiant space heater application

We're looking for ideas for a workplace health initiative. Ideas so far- Purchase bikes for people to use at lunch/ take home and bring back next day
We currently provide tea, coffee and biscuits and would like to provide alternative healthy drinks/snacks
Looking for other ideas?

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Read about the benefits to a manufacturing company of using ISO 9001:2015 and find our latest certificate to download
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As a leading manufacturer of heating elements and heating products, here are some of the brands BOMAC works with:


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