May, 2019

The BOMAC NEOSPEED High Speed Grill Element Assembly

Bomac’s ‘NEOSPEED’ grill is still a best seller, unbeaten in terms of both heat-up speed and cooking performance. In this article, our Managing Director tells us about its history and why using Neoceram glass tubes makes such a difference to both performance and longevity. History During the mid-1990’s Bomac was manufacturing large quantities of glass […]

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Bomac’s High-Speed Grill and Infra-Tec Radiant Heat Technology

We are proud to have worked with the British manufacturer Lincat over the past 18 months who have now entered the high-speed oven market with their new innovative appliance called Cibo.  The oven can produce a wide range of perfectly-cooked food in less than three minutes! Cibo is Lincat’s next generation, patent-pending product which uses […]

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New Kitchen Launch

Today we opened our new kitchen at our factory in Knowsley. Since we started the refurb at the beginning of the month I’ve had people comment that ‘it’s only a work kitchen’ or ‘it’s not like it’s your house’. When you spend more time at work than at home why would you not want the […]

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