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This feature has been integrated into our 4kW 6U emulator, together with the provision of RCBO circuit breakers, as a result of customer requirements.

We would be pleased to consider requests for any bespoke design of emulator involving special requirements for cabinet size, power rating, air flow or switching arrangements and are able to provide a quick and flexible approach.

We can also offer purpose built robust carrying cases for the safe transport and storage of our server emulators. These are of fibre board and wood construction, foam lined with sturdy carrying handles.

Standard Specification:

  • Variable power settings: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 & 4.0kW at rated voltage.
  • Power supply: Dual IEC C20 (UL 20A) chassis plugs at rear of cabinet.
  • Supply redundancy feature: In the event of loss of power to either power supply the emulator automatically switches to draw full power from the remaining supply.
  • Circuit protection: 2 x RCBO breakers mounted on the front panel.
  • Fans: 4 x axial fans with a rated bearing life of 30,000/50,000h giving a maximum airflow of 700cu.m/h (410CFM).
  • Heating load: 4 x mineral insulated stainless steel sheathed and finned elements each rated at 1kW.
  • Thermal protection: Manual re-set thermal cut outs are fitted to each heating element to prevent overheating in the event of the loss of airflow.
  • Leads with IEC connectors can be supplied to specification.
  • Handles: 2 x front mounted and 1 x rear to assist installation.
  • Dimensions: 6U x 650mm deep x 485mm wide.

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