Services / Resources / Capabilities

Bomac adds value by supporting your applications with design, development and test resources


  • We have significant skills and many years experience in domestic appliance, commercial appliance and industrial heating industries
  • Design resources to support customer with integration of heating system into finished product
  • 2D and 3D CAD Design capability - typical file formats: dwg, dxf, igs, srt, ipj
  • Type approvals experience and contacts with key test houses


  • Joint customer development programs: project meetings, design reviews: use our Project Management Process
  • Rapid prototypes and test samples: we can apply the latest methodology, tools and extensive supply base, we can turn round prototypes to meet your product introduction plans


  • Performance testing capability: contact and non-contact temperature measurement including pyrometers and thermocouple probes; multi-channel data logging; energy consumption measurement
  • Life and reliability testing capability: plc driven cycle timing; stabilized voltage supply
  • Electrical safety and conformance verification: calibrated equipment including high voltage, insulation resistance and earth bonding testing.