Quartz tube heaters

Quartz Ceramic Radiant Heaters

Bomac offers a range of purpose designed radiant heating elements. These are manufactured using diffused quartz glass (fused silica), clear quartz glass or ceramic glass ('Neoceram') tubes, which protect and support the heating coils whilst allowing efficient transmission of infrared radiation. Heating coils can be wound in various grades of iron-chrome-aluminium ('Kanthal') alloys, depending on the operating conditions. Heaters can be supplied with reflective coatings applied to part of the surface of the tube

Features and Benefits


  • Very low thermal expansion rate
  • Protection and support of the heating coils
  • Fast heat up time


  • Highly efficient transmission of infrared radiation from the heating coils
  • Highly resistance to attack from food splashes
  • Fast heat up time

Typical applications for tube radiant heaters are:

  • Space heaters (electric fires)
  • Microwave oven grill (browning) elements
  • Domestic oven "Neo-Speed" grill
  • Commercial cooking grills
  • Industrial process heaters
  • Refrigeration defrost heaters