Neo-speed cooker grill

Neo-Speed Cooker Grill

BOMAC produce a unique high speed grill system for cookers utilising 'NEOCERAM' glass-ceramic tubes which: -

  • Efficiently transmit infra-red radiation from the heating coils
  • Protect and support the heating coils
  • Are resistance to attack from food stuffs splashes

This well proven technology has been extensively used for many years both in this application and in microwave oven 'browners'. The heating elements will withstand arduous life testing even under salt spray conditions

Neo-Speed Grill

Electrical loadings and element sizes can be made to suit individual cooker manufactures requirements. Two independent heat sections as can be made either left or right or inner outer.

Key benefits of the Neo-Speed Grill are:

  • Faster and more uniform cooking than conventional sheathed grill elements.
  • Fast heat-up time
  • High radiation temperature at the correct wave length for efficient and even grilling