Heater cable

S.R. Heater Cable

Heater cable is the essential core of many Heating Elements and is available in a variety of wattages and constructions

From standard PVC wire to high-temperature silicone with various over-braids, we can provide heater cable to suite many varied applications.

UL approved heater cables can also be supplied upon request.

Typical applications for heater cable are:

  • Refigeration defrost
  • Electric blankets
  • Heat pads
  • Tire warmers
  • Towel rails
  • Panel heaters
  • Incubators

Resistance 0.5 to 5000 ohms per metre
Insulation PVC Silicone rubber
Max. cable surface temperature 105°C 180°C
Min. cable surface temperature -30°C -70°C
Heater wire Copper-Nickel or Nickel-Chrome alloy
Tolerance +5% on resistance
Insulation thickness 0.8mm 0.8mm
Winding carrier 0.7mm fibreglass core


  • Fibreglass over-braid for mechanical protection
  • Tinned copper over-braid for mechanical protection and earthing
  • Variable pitch winding to give varied heat zones
  • Varied heat zones
  • Integral cold leads - offering a totally moisture proof construction
  • UL approval