Aluminium foil heaters

Aluminium foil heater

BOMAC Aluminium foil mat elements are constructed by sealing silicon rubber insulated heater cable between two layers of aluminium foil. The foil acts as a substrate providing a flexible heat sink for thermal transfer, enabling large surface areas to be heated effectively.

Key features of aluminium foil elements:

  • Large heated surface areas achievable
  • Easy to mount with option of self-adhesive backing
  • Power density can be varied to provide low keep-warm temperatures through to a maximum rated temperature of 130°C
  • Temperature limiters with pre-set switch points can be integrated to provide temperature control

Typical Applications:

  • Room panel heaters
  • Commercial catering food serving and display cabinets
  • Heated food trolleys
  • Plate warmers and keep-warm zones for domestic cooking appliances
  • Refrigeration de-frost heaters
  • De-mist heaters