Electric 'fan-coil' elements

Fan Coil Heaters

Bomac produce air heating assemblies specifically tailored to the 'Fan Coil' industry. The heating elements are designed for direct attachement to the exhaust porst of the fan units contained within commercial air conditioning units.

As the construction of the element if open-wire, the warm up and cool down times are very fast compared to those for mineral filled metal sheathed heaters. This responsiveness is due to the low thermal mass of the element making them ideal where controllability is an important factor.

Elements are produced in various power outputs. Combinations of heaters with varying heat outputs may therefore be used on different ports within one fan coil deck.

Built-in thermal protection is provided by means of various electrical cut-outs; either auto-rest, PTC self-hold or a combination of both types. These may be omitted if the fan coil deck has integral temperature sensors.


  • Thermal cut-outs(C01, C02) may be either PTC self-hold or auto-reset at various operating temperatures.
  • Connections can either be by flying leads with 6.3 receptacles(as illustrated) or by 6.3 tabs on the element end plate.

Drawing represents typical assembly dimensions, bespoke designs can be produced to your individal requirements.

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