19" server emulators

Rack Server Emulators

NEW power supply redundancy enabled emulator now available

With the increasing power consumption and heat generated from the latest server technology it has become imperative to estimate the environmental and power demand before either data centres are built or equipment installed in existing data centres.

To emulate, in so far as is possible, those demands there is a choice between just placing fan heaters which are unsuitable in terms of air flow and temperature measurement and unreliable in performance for a ‘best guess’ or renting expensive OEM server emulators which are often over complicated and full redundant features such as fan speed control and temperature measurement displays.

Rack Server Emulators

Bomac fills that gap between expensive overcomplicated equipment and the simple but inaccurate employment of space heaters to simulate the full environmental and power demands of modern data centre services.

Bomac can provide either standard 19” 6U 4kW server emulator or if required a custom build solution to suite your specific requirements.

Standard Specification:

  • Variable power settings 1.0KW, 2.0KW, 3.0KW & 4.0KW at rated voltage
  • Airflow: 645 m³/h (380 CFM) total
  • Temperature safety cut-out on heaters (high set point to prevent nescience tripping
  • Dimensions: 6U x 650 deep x 485 wide
  • Power Supply: Dual IEC C20 16A chassis plug at rear
  • Handles: 2 x front mounted 1 x rear to assist installation
  • Leads and adapters to IEC C20 etc can be supplied